The Pilgrimage experience

It is worth taking part in the pilgrimage. I’ve been three times so far, just three times. Each time, however, shortly after returning, I began to long for a pilgrimage, for unusual rhythm of prayer, deeply lived contact with God, the wonderful people that I had a chance to meet, being aware that I walked the trail, which many pilgrims had traveled to their Mother for years. And in spite of fatigue each mile to the Jasna Gora monastery went by quickly.


I’ve been on a pilgrimage several times and I could write a lot of good about it, but I will say briefly. The first time I went was to pray for a job after graduation. And in September, a relative called me to say that in October the position was becoming vacant in his company and he would need someone with my education. As simple as that.


Actually, I came here by accident – persuaded by my colleague during an occasional conversation. Of course, as a woman – I had million questions and worries – “I have no one to go with”, “Where am I going to sleep?” “I do not know anybody there”, etc. All these problems were actually solved right away. The pilgrimage itself was also a big surprise – despite the hot weather everything came to me naturally.

I went on a pilgrimage to a particular intention, which fulfilled very quickly, the effect even surpassed it. Although I could stop at this, it is actually where the story is just beginning.

The pilgrimage and after-pilgrimage period was for me the time of enormous changes and these were for me the biggest fruits. On August 6, 2015, I participated in my first Tridentine Holy Mass and completely fell in love with the beautiful traditional liturgy. I met wonderful people, an example of whom strengthened my faith and created a wonderful environment for spiritual growth. The thing I most appreciate is taking the courage to profess the faith in such a way that I think is right – no problems in veiling the head, especially at the new Holy Masses, kneeling for the Holy Communion, often as the only person in the church, which formerly caused me discomfort.
Any changes in me that are visible to my friends? Totally and without remorse I got rid of all trousers (!) And I completely gave up partying and alcohol consumption. In an environment of Poznan Polish Youth, I managed to instill traditional values, which by God’s kindness allowed us to create our pastoral tradition.

In addition, there are vast changes among my friends and family who have altered their lives through our spontaneous conversations (including participation in Tridentine Masses, covering the hair by women, abandonment of the use of artificial contraception, the desire to have more children than previously planned – too many to mention…).

The funny thing is that this brief account is only the tip of the iceberg!

Following the pilgrim’s route has been the most beautiful time in my life, for which I miss every evening recalling “Bogurodzica”, the hymn sung to the Mother of God, with which my heart has always started beating faster.
To sum it up – IT IS WORTHWHILE!


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