Practical information


You can enrol personally at the Chapel of Res Sacra Miser in Warsaw on the 3rd-5th of August. We encourage everyone to do so as an accurate estimate of the number of pilgrims facilitates better organisation. If, however, you cannot do so or if you join the group later on, it’s possible to apply during the pilgrimage.


We are accompanied by a truck that transports the main luggage from one stop to another. That is why we encourage carrying your belongings in two bags: one for hand luggage (which you carry with you the whole day) and one for main luggage (which is taken by the truck and given back to you at the camping site). The main luggage needs to be labelled (last name, address, colour of the group).
This list is just an example. In packing your luggage, use common sense and keep your own personal needs in mind.

Hand luggage (small rucksack):

  • rosary
  • raincoat
  • water
  • mug (resistant to high temperatures)
  • cutlery (spoon, knife)
  • pilgrim’s ID
  • documents
  • money
  • sunblock
  • hat or bandanna
  • hymn book
  • pen and paper (in order to write down intentions)
  • paper handkerchiefs
  • toilet paper
  • Elastoplast
  • talc
  • mosquito repellent
  • safety pin

Main luggage (big rucksack/bag):

  • two pairs of comfortable shoes
  • a few pairs of socks and underwear (facilities for washing clothes is extremely limited)
  • clothes for hot weather (must meet modest standards) and for cold weather
  • warm nightclothes
  • towels
  • toiletries
  • flip-flops (for your feet to relax in at the camping site)
  • first-aid kit (dressing, normal and elastic bandages, vitamin C or rutinoscorbin, painkillers, calcium)
  • torch
  • packed lunch
  • sugar
  • foam pad (or bed pad – something water-resistant on which you can sit/lie during the breaks) or mattress
  • sleeping bag
  • optional: pillow
  • optional: tent
  • In addition to that, you are obliged to have a white top and a black skirt, knee-length or longer, (ladies) or a white shirt and black pants (men) in order to enter Jasna Góra.


We prepare and eat breakfast and supper together. This “collective table” is prepared every day by several people (mainly volunteers) from the ingredients bought by the group leader. On the way, we will buy fresh produce, fruit, cooked meats, bread and butter. Our culinary smash hit is the all-famous scrambled eggs. There will also be warm tea available. This “collective table” is a distinguished feature of our group and it allows for better integration. Meals, especially evening supper, is a wonderful opportunity to discuss current topics and relax after a whole day of marching. During breakfast, you may also prepare some sandwiches for yourself for the rest of the day if you find it necessary.


We stay overnight in the last village on our daily route. Normally one group stays on one farm. We park our luggage car there and we prepare our meals together. Pilgrims may use the farm buildings (usually barns), camping sites and cold water. We arrive at the site late in the afternoon, and we leave in the early morning. Specific hours depend on different factors and are provided au courant.